Medical ID Bracelets for Women

The most common form of the design that has a high prevalence in the USA includes the Heritage Silver Custom Engraved Jewellery: it is a bit expensive than the other bracelets that are specifically customized and engraved with the medical information. The price of these bracelets may vary from $45-$49, and the material used in this is antique silver that is liked by all the classes of women.

Angel Winged Custom Engraved Jewellery: it comes with a detachable tag and a bling crystal chain. It comes in many forms and many colors under a price range of $39.99. This bracelet is light weighted, plus it offers some attractive features such as a chain that is medium length and an internationally recognized symbol at the center of the bracelet. Although it is also available in many colors, the most preferred type of color is antique grey.

Filigree Engraved Medical Id Bracelets with Gem Beaded Stretch Chain: it is one of the preferable bracelets for women. A stretching chain is available that is easily adjustable for the patient's convenience with a tag that contains the medical information predominantly. However, this bracelet is a bit expensive as it falls under the range of $47.99, but it is one of the most sold pieces of the brands in the United States.

Back Street Leather Custom Engraved the women often prefer medical Alert Bracelets with lesser budget and inclination towards ease. This type of band has double bolo cords, and it comes in different sizes, dimensions, and colors. The price of this bracelet falls under $25.

Sport ID Silicone Custom Engraved for Medical ID Bracelets for Women is used by the sports freaks and the people with more inclination towards fitness owing to the medical urgencies. It comes in different forms and colors, plus it has an adjustable band tied with that are used for the ease and convenience.