Feedback Building Coop Clouds with OpenStack & Bitcoin


Proposed by: Kord Campbell
Submitted on Oct 11, 2014 at 12:44 PM

Crypto currency technologies can bring a new category to the existing cloud offerings of compute, storage, and network. That new category is trust. While conversations about how crypto currencies affect our financial systems are definitely interesting, paying for and accessing compute, storage and network with stored trust is an awe inspiring vision of the future.

You can think of the framework as AirBnb for excess compute. The project provides fast location and provisioning of compute resources within a cooperative set of systems managed by OpenStack operators. Resource accounting inside the network is settled with Bitcoin. Purchases of compute instances can be made by users without an account, but karma will also play a part in establishing and extending trust between participants. Groups of trusted operators who share a common locale can form adhoc hybrid clouds, allowing fast scaling and sharing of excess compute resources for jobs which require massive amounts of compute. If you are familiar with cloud terminology, this idea may be one possible solution to some of the challenges in achieving a global cloud federation.

This peek into the future of commodity compute can be seen by visiting the StackMonkey compute pool at StackMonkey is a demonstrative cooperative intended to be the Wild West of compute pools (given it's the first one) and built for use by devops, devs, security researchers, do-it-yourselfers, and the communities and technologies they develop around the concept.

Kord Campbell

Cowboy coder + solo founder in the business of digital enlightenment, cloud computing, cryptocurrencies, transparency and the coming age of trust. I'm the author of the framework and the founder of StackMonkey. I'm an entrepreneur at heart and a technologist by trade. In a given day you might find me doing anything from writing marketing plans to hacking code to enable big data analysis of a web application. I can compose revenue models and sniff the network for intruders in the same afternoon, and make all of it fit into a budget. I’m a meat and potatoes guy - smart and simple is my philosophy. If I don’t know an answer to a question, I’ll admit as much and go find someone who does know, pick their brain, and figure out how that relates to the things I do know. If I know the answer, I’ll teach you what I know, and do it without hesitation.

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