Difference between Interior Architecture and Interior design services

A lot of people believe Interior Architecture services and interior design services are the same but that is not the reality. Both of them are part of the same industry, within a similar niche, and closely related. Yes, there might be many similarities between both these terms as well as the design industry could use them interchangeably, there are some distinctions in terms of the offered services. The services of interior design can go way beyond what is expected to achieve from the interior decorator. On the other hand, an interior architect handles a more complex job as compared to an interior designer.

Not only the designers at an Interior Design Company offer everything just like the interior decorator, but they also do a lot than just “prettying-up” and decorating the interior space. While the interior architect covers interior construction and design analysis, the good know-how of building regulations, as well as the understanding of buildings’ structure, for making projects habitable, functional, and safe. An expert interior designer deals with technical facets such as being efficient with the CAD software while an interior architect specializes in areas like Industrial design, the art of design, and the science of architecture. 

Offering interior design services involve explicit interaction of ideas as well as the effective execution of the instructions in the technical specialized manner utilizing detailed specifications and drawings etc. When it comes to interior architects, they can strip or gut the inside of the existent structure and then re-establish it for accommodating a different purpose.