CloudCamp London

CloudCamp London - The Banks Verses The Tech Companies. Who Will Win?

As usual CloudCamp London will be an opportunity to meet old and new friends, grab a beer or two ready for a few short interesting talks and then the lively unpanel debates, follwed by networking accompanied by pizza and more beer! Again the evenings proceeding will be MC'd by @swardley @joebaguley and @cpswan.
Come along join in share your experience, thoughts, vision and questions.
A FinTech Special - The Banks Vs The Tech Companies. Who Will Win?
As the traditional financial institutionsface their stiffest competition yet from the likes of digitalpayment systems, including Jack Dorsey's Square and Google Wallet, new JPMorganexecs are touting resumes showing senior positions at tech hubs such asGoogle andYahoo, or computer science degrees, rather than traditional banking credentials. (extract from@mdecambre's article, see it all here)
Will the tech companies replace banks? Which in turn leads to the question are banks just tech companies in denial about being tech companies?
The New Venue
Shoreditch Works Village Hall, 33 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NN, United Kingdom
The Agenda
  • Doors open, beers and networking from 6pm.
  • Kick-off 6.30pm - Introduction to CloudCamp by Simon Wardley.
  • Short keynote - Yann Ranchere, Finance Director of Anthemis Group
  • Lightning Talks, including
  1. Dr James Mitchell, CEO of Strategic Blue, and recovering banker. 'Comparing Information Brokerage in Banking and Tech'  - Google has already searched the entire web for the most relevant answer.  So just borrow Google's answer. Your bank has already searched the money markets for the cheapest loan.  So just borrow from your bank. Both Google and modern banks invest in technology to acquire economies of scale in knowledge accretion, allowing them to broker information.   Any company can be a "Tech Company", if they apply tech to what they do.  Banks are no different.
  2. Julilan Levy, Entrepreneur in Residence, Index Ventures.' Are banks just tech companies in denial about being tech companies ? Hell No – or Denial is not just a river in Egypt.'  An overview of the functions of bank and why despite their high level of dependency on technology, they are not technology companies.
  3. Simon Rahilly, Specialist SE Manager at EMC.‘The Hedgehog Concept: Why banks should get out of IT’-  The majority of IT inside banks provides no competitive advantage, is based on provision and not consumption, and is biased towards the status quo. Instead, banks (and all businesses) should focus IT on creating opportunities through insight, and use commodity models for everything else.
  4. Ian Dowson, WIlliam Garrity Associates Ltd - "The Global power of Fintech" A global review of Fintech investment, illustrating  the forces driving  forward innovation with examples of  new and cloud based business models.
  5. Kuan Hon, Consultant, Cloud Legal Project; Research Assistant, Cloud Accountability Project Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London School of Law.
  • Unpanel and Unconference - cloud experts volunteer to join the panel to answer questions from the floor, giving everyone the opportunity to further discuss the topics that require more indepth discussion.
  • From 8:30pm: Networking, drinks and pizza
  • 9:30pm close



Sep 11, 2014
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Shoreditch Works Village Hall
33 Hoxton Square
London , N1 6NN
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